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 Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10]

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Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Empty
MessageSujet: Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10]   Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Icon_minitimeMar 27 Avr - 23:39

Merci à Angie pour ce compte rendu!
(l'article est en Anglais)

Yesterday was the day of the Spencer Bell Legacy Shows in Dallas. ASCC Now worked hard and well to put up this show and blessed us with a streaming of the events.

The good news is that you can see some recordings of it on the UStream link we had given you for the show!!
So, at 7 pm yesterday, I settled in front of my computer, with drinks and junk food, and a steeled will to stay up all night and enjoy those shows, with everyone logged in on the Ustream.

First show started with the interviews with the Bands, magnificently done by the winner of the Auctions, Tyler. Our young reporter asked very interesting questions to all of his guests, and made us spend a wonderful time. Among others, we heard Dr Gary Hammer, from the University of Michigan and Missy, from Drew & The Medicinal Pen. Well done, Tyler!

Then, we waited, entertaining ourselves on the chat, which started to get crowded as time speeded toward the beginning of the show. Finally, the red curtains opened, and we were graced with the presence of Bill Bell. I personally cannot wait to meet Mr Bill Bell, in August, Auburn Hills Michigan, for the next Legacy Show( Probably 28th of August from the rumors). His speech was short and beautiful and he let us in the caring and expert hands of the one and only Jackson Rathbone.
Same as usual, Jackson was full of energy, visibly happy to here with everyone and ready for a Rocking Out night. He quickly introduced Dr Gary Hammer.

Dr Hammer told us about Adrenal Cancer, and how much the Bells family had changed his life. I know for sure that we are numerous, feeling the same way. To borrow Dr Hammer’s words, “the Bells succeeded to transform something sad and tragic, into something positive”. He shared with us, his honor and satisfaction of being part of something so beautiful. As he said, “everything starts from the ground and then goes up.” We are “Ground Zero”. Every one of us, who were there last night, everyone of you, who is going to read my words, and keep spreading the word. If teardrops can create oceans, then Cancer will be drowning so fast, it will never understand what happened. Then Jackson Rathbone came back, and gave the GO for the Show!

That’s when Evro came on Stage. Perfect band to start out a rock’n roll night! Good vibes, unique voice for the singer and blasting energy. They did a rock’n roll cover of “Billie Jean” that really deserves to be heard.
Then, the sets went on, Drew and The Medicinal Pen and afterwards the Tin Tin Can. Both Bands are really good, each one with their own style. If you don’t know about them, feel free to check the links to their websites on your right. Drew and The Medicinal Pen informed us of the release of their new album!

“Billie Jean” was certainly a popular song yesterday night, as the Tin Tin Can covered it too, pretty differently but very pleasantly too.
A surprise awaited us afterwards. Shawn Fernando, pianist of The Stevedores, came on stage alone, to sing a beautiful song. His voice, mingling with the keys, sounded sacred. The silence in the audience was certainly an emotional one, and more than one soul let out a few tears at that particular moment.

Afterwards, he called out his band mates, from the Stevedores! The set began in a blast with my personal favorite of them “ Hardwired”. It is in fact, the first song I heard from The Stevedores. Ben Johnson, rocking out those drums as his life depended on it, really taught us a lesson of how to ROCK! He sang his heart out during the entire set, and gave me goose bumps more than once. Jake Miller spoilt us with his guitar playing abilities. I have only one thing to say about that band. If you ever have the incredible of seeing them live, do not hesitate and go for it!

Then, The Kissing club took place on the stage, in the person of Jake Miller. He played amazing songs you can discover on his MySpace. It was beautiful to see his friends step in, (Ben Johnson joined him on the bass) to help him give out the best of his music. It was truly appropriate for that celebration. Spencer would have been so proud of them. Don’t deny it Spencer, I know you were watching and I know you enjoyed every second of it!

Last but not least, the ever awaited 100Monkeys hopped on stage, following the amazing, dancing and talking Giant Banana aka Marty! Amazing gig, as ever. If you allow me a personal musical opinion, I think the Monkey Men have really improved a lot during their 100 City tour. However, I disgress. Seeing it was a Spencer Bell Legacy Show, they chose to play The Monkey song, Twenty To One, and Violin, as a tribute to Spencer.
And thus, the first show was finished.

An hour was scheduled between the two shows, which turned out to be two hours. Time for a little break, stretching of aching limbs and re filling of the necessary stuff to “Keep awake” for the rest of the night.
Second show starting the same, Bill Bell , Jackson Rathbone , and Dr Hammer and then Spencer decided to prank us with a little Power outage! As a friend of mine said, who would suspect him of sabotaging his own Show…? No power also means no streaming! Twitter became our lifeline with the show, and we waited, anxious, and worried for the lights to come back. Several solutions were tried out, from generators to the vans. Some even suggested to take advantage of Ben Graupner endless energy ( or so it seems when you see him bouncing across the stage) to power the show by cycling means.

The boys “opened” the wall behind them to let some light in. A special mention goes to the 100Monkeys who took it upon themselves to entertain the audience. From our Euro Team spies in Dallas, we heard that Jerad does an impressive Salto, Jackson knows how to dance like Michael Jackson, and that the Boys brought out the acoustics, to keep The Music On! I tip my imaginary hat towards you, Gentlemen, and cannot hide a smile, as I imagine the whole lot of you on stage, with only an harmonica and your will to keep the show on, no matter what.
Finally, the prank stopped and power came back. Some minutes later, the streaming started again . First sound but no video. Then video but no sound. I can tell you, all hell had broken loose in the chat, as everyone worriedly prayed. As it was said, “it is okay if we don’t have the video but please, keep the sound on. The Music Lives On and that is why we are here”. Indeed, that is why we were there.

For Spencer Bell, for Friendship, and for Music.

Seeing so many people pleading the same way , it really warmed my heart, and the heart of many others I guess.
Thanksfully, “sblapril”, our Ustream host, succeeded to get the feed on again and we all settled back in our seats, sighing in relief as the Evro gig started again.

The gigs continued in the same order, with Drew & the Medicinal Pen. Missy sang “Dandelions” for us. And it was really beautiful. Thank you, Missy, if you ever read those words. They were followed by the Tin Tin Can, and once again Shawn Fernando hopped on stage, alone, to sing.
His song was really emotional, as I told you earlier. Here is what I could jot down of the lyrics, a rough version of what he said to underline the holiness of that moment. Or at least , that is how it felt , for me.

“There was a time in the depth of the seasons .we were freezing without enough reason to flee. There was a house [..] on the banks of a lake […]
“Don’t be that sad song . You hear sometimes in your head. Don’t be that sad song . We all know by heart. Don’t be that sad song , We learn the hard way. Because the hard way , they say, gets easier”
[…]the one thing you taught me is how to write a song about someone you hate. But you know life’s a journey […]
I know that sometimes a man has to do what he has to do and not what he wants to do to in the best of worlds and believe me I can be sympathetic . But Brothers we used to be brothers and brothers just don’t do that to one another. Oh brother can I get amen at that? And that’s why I’m going to turn my head and laugh even though I would really like to fuck your face up with a baseball bat . Ohand you can laugh and […] pain but in the end there’s more laughter in the world and who cant really argue with that but somebody ought to tell you how pathetic you look when you wear that confederate trucker hat.
Don’t be that sad song . You hear sometimes in your head. Don’t be that sad song . We all know by heart. Don’t be that sad song , We learn the hard way. Because the hard way , they say, gets easier, with time.” at 1.58.00 .
It might just be me, or the entire crowd that was watching or more accurately listening to Shawn, but I cannot really get that song out of my heart. The only answer I have at my disposal would be those gestures, all mothers, wives or sisters know how to do without even thinking about it. And unfortunately I am way too far to open my arms and offer you a shy smile shining through the tears I cried for you. Thinking back on it, I do believe this was the most touching moment of the evening for me.

This time around, Shawn graced us with two songs instead of one. The second was a bit more joylful, slightly bittersweet.
The Stevedores had then to come and join him on stage. The “Gentlemen” made Shawn call them twice before coming on stage. The first song was Fearful. (soundtrack of t he Movie Dread). They played again Hardwired, and then “That Wouldn’t Be Right”. They told us that this song was the first song ever written by The Stevedores.
Then, they went on rocking with a song about Radios. That song is not on their album Tamuawok. I will throw a bottle in the ocean, and suggest them to record this one, along with the others they have still got down their sleeves. A little personal message I know others second, in the case one of those Gentlemen come across my words. Please, and Thank . Sincerely.

Last one was Advice/Pilgrim. Gentlemen, my deepest admiration for a well rocked out set.
As he was on stage already, Jake stayed and the show went on with the Kissing Club. Jake started with his songs. Ben Johnson also joined Jake on stage, and played with him. It was another great moment of the night. Seeing those two guys, drowning in their music, the obvious connection between each others as they rocked out, in rhythm, face to face, was a true blessing. (2.50.00).

Another song was sang with Molly. They gave us a beautiful duet, where Jake’s voice was very different from usual. I must reckon, I always had a weak spot for singers able to change their voices and sound so differently . I like to be surprised…

We had then the pleasure to hear a song that Ben Johnson wrote. The poor boy had a weird voice for that one but continued to sing with all his might and that was a blessing. I felt very happy to have been able to hear some of Ben’s music. Jake ended up his set with his beautiful rendition of Nerve Damage. It always amazes me to feel the power of a voice, and a guitar, how pure and how true it can rings.
Last but not least, still following the Bananager Marty, hopped on stage our beloved 100Monkeys. The set list was :
Orsown Brawl
Shy water
Wasteland Two
Kold Pix
The Monkey Song
Twenty to one
The Fair
Poison oak
Impro ” Everything is bigger in Texas”
Invisible monsters
Thank you song

A cute detail was hidden in the tee shirts the guys were wearing. Jake was wearing the 100Monkeys tee shirt, a black one and Ben Graupner had put on the Kissing Club tee shirt.
Ben J’s voice was nearly gone at that point and, as it had happened in the past, he asked help from the crowd for The Monkey Song. It was truly fun, as the Ladies on the chat wanted to help too and everyone was typing the words as the song went on.

They announced the end of the show and disappeared backstage. Of course, we would not let them get away so easily and everyone clapped, asking for an encore. It was too much fun, and too much pleasure to just end the show that way.

They went back on stage, and sang “Made Of Gold”. Barbara and I had been wishing for it the entire night. We had both spent quite some time, trying to translate the lyrics and fighting with those. Not because of the difficulties of grammar or vocabulary, but only because it is hard to read/write while you’re crying your eyes out. I have already said it several times around me, however, not to the one really concerned, but I will write it again. This song is a masterpiece. But, I fucking hate the fact that you had to write it. That being said, I wish to thank you for that singing it yesterday. It was a very powerful and meaningful moment for Barbara and me.

It was now nearly 9 am in France and the sun had come up again. I looked up from the computer and saw the light showing from the kitchen’s window in awe. The entire night had gone, with me watching the show, and I didn’t even noticed the time going by. The last song was about to be sung.

Everyone came on stage, some Stevedores, some Tin Tin Can, and everyone that was still there and had participated to the show. It was then the time for the Toast.
For those who might not know this, the words are extracted for the Stevedores Song “Thunderdome”
“To the Ties we’ve tied, and those we’ve tied to tight, we’ve set aside , tonight we toast our enemies, friends, strangers and family, tonight we drink to gratitude”

Ben Johnson said the words, raising his glass, as the video was focused on him. I had raised my glass toward the screen, and I drank, emptied my glass of cider at the same time as he was drinking his shot.

The tears welled up in eyes as I could not refrain the quick pang of anger at the universe or whoever’s in charge for taking Spencer’s away. Right that instant, there were no borders, no differences between all of us. Just people having their priorities right, people in love with music , in love with life, and celebrating together a life, well lived.

I will end up this review by the deserved thanks to all the participants. I would like to thank the Ladies of ASCC Now who made a brief apparition on stage, to inform us they were about to offer a star to the Bell Family. They explained how honored they were for having organized that show in memory of Spencer. I wish to extend my thanks to them, for the show and for the streaming as it allowed hundreds of us to follow the show despite our distance.

And of course, our thoughts go to Bill Bell, and all his family. We are really grateful for allowing us to discover Spencer, giving us an opportunity to make friends all around the world, and giving us such a great inspiration.

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Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10]   Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Icon_minitimeLun 3 Mai - 17:23

Et maintenant, l'article est en français :

Dsl , ça m apris un peu de temps à tout traduire...
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MessageSujet: Re: Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10]   Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Icon_minitimeJeu 6 Mai - 15:52

Merci pour tout le fabuleux travail que tu accomplis avec le sourire ! Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Icon_biggrin
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Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10]   Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10] Icon_minitime

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Spencer Bell Legacy Show [24/04/10]
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